Day 2 of 30

What do you expect when you leave a 4 year old in the bath tub alone while you diligently cook dinner?.. A very nearly lost tooth of course, and a very empty brand new bottle of bubble bath. Oh and a slippery floor to boot.

So what would you do with the aforementioned very nearly lost tooth? Here was my home remedy solution:

  • homeopathic Arnica pilules
  • homeopathic Rescue remedy
  • Aloe vera gel on the tooth/gums
  • coconut oil swished around mouth every 10 minutes a few times over
  • home made rocket ice block

I’m pretty sure the last thing I pulled out of my famous medicine cabinet was the most effective but all of the above I’m hoping may have saved our little guys 2 front teeth. I’ll let you know how we go.

So, back onto the rest of our eventful day which was spent largely reacquainting myself with our dehydrator. Its been dusted off, made space for in our ever squashy kitchen (it’ll be the first thing on the list in my dream home) and lovingly reinstated right next to the Thermomix and slow cooker (my other 2 favourites).

Today I have made kale chips, beetroot chips and sweet potato chips. Yep, its snacking time.. after all it is the weekend and I’ll be searching for any excuse to stray from this challenge, so I thought it best to equip my self with some really yummy, really healthy treats.


Natures own snack food

Natures own snack food


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